San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila School (SLRMS) is open to qualified applicants who agree to comply with the rules, regulations and policies of the school. Applicants shall satisfy credentials required and pass the entrance exam. The Admissions Committee (Principal, Registrar and Guidance Counselor/Psychometrician) gives the final recommendation for admission.

Enrollment Procedure

For new student Applicants, here are three simple steps:
  1. Email scanned copies of the following admission reequirements to
    • Report Card
    • PSA Birth Certificate (NSO accepted)
    • Baptismal Certificate
    • NCAE Result (for SHS)
    • Admission Forms
      (To be emailed once the necessary requirements have been submitted.)
  2. Once you have received a confirmation letter from the Office of the Registrar
    Register at the Parent's Portal.
  3. Proceed to Tuition Fee Assessment
Tuition Fee Assessment

For old students, please skip first and second step, you may now proceed to third step after logging in to your parent's portal account.

For transferees, please follow these steps:

  1. Register your information at the Parents Portal
  2. Click Add Student.
  3. Click [View] button in line with your child’s name.
  4. Click Fee Assessment.
  5. Fill-out the form of the necessary data of your child.
  6. Click Request Assessment.
  7. Wait for the Assessment Confirmation which will be done by the Office of the Records and Admissions.
  1. Once your Assessment has been verified.
  2. Pay the upon registration amount at the bank under the account name and number of the school.
    BDO Account Name: San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila School of Marikina City, Inc.
    BDO Account Number: 007250074498
  3. Please give us 2-3 working days to verify your enrollment.